Beginner Training Videos

Use these videos to get started in forex trading

Here at BuyorSellFX, we have perfected our own unique trading strategy which we believe to be one of the most effective, successful methods of trading forex out there. This is a completely originally formulated trading strategy created by us, and is not something you can find anywhere else.
When you subscribe to our service you will receive an email or SMS message notifying you of the relevant currency pairing, whether you are buying or selling, what time frame to have your chart set to, how long you have to enter the trade, the estimate advised time to stay in the trade, the stop loss limit and the take profit limit. What information you receive will vary depending on what package you have selected.
Essentially we will advise you which direction the next candle will be moving (this will be dependant on you having your charts set to the correct time frame). We advise that you stay in the trade for the duration of the advised time frame as sometimes it can take this entire period for the trade to come good.
To protect yourself from significant losses we advise using a stop loss, Video for this is on our training page.
If a trade does not come good during the advised time frame we advise to use the ‘hedging’ technique in order to cover your losses, video’s for this are available online. (please note for American clients, hedging is an illegal practice in the U.S.)

Set up MT4 11:43

Watch to see how to set-up MT4

Set up charts MT4 5:45

This video will show you how to use and setup charts

Set up charts and enter/exit trades 33:33

Check out this tutorial/guide for enter/exit trades

How to add stop losses and take profits 2:46

Watch this video to add stop losses and taking profits